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Toni Braxton > Albums & Lyrics

Toni Braxton Photo

Libra Album
  1. Please
  2. Finally
  3. I Wanna Be
  4. Shadowless
  5. Happily Unhappy
  6. Midnite
  7. Supposed To Be
  8. Take This Ring
  9. Suddenly
  10. Long Way Home
More Than A Woman Album
  1. Let Me Show You The Way (Out)
  2. Give It Back
  3. A Better Man
  4. Hit The Freeway
  5. Lies, Lies, Lies
  6. Rock Me, Roll Me
  7. Selfish
  8. Do You Remember When
  9. Me And My Boyfriend
  10. Tell Me
  11. And I Love You
  12. Always
Secrets Album
  1. Come On Over Here
  2. Un-break My Heart
  3. Talking In His Sleep
  4. How Could An Angel Break My Heart
  5. Find Me a Man
  6. Let It Flow
  7. Why Should I Care
  8. I Love Me Some Him
  9. In The Late Of Night
Snowflakes Album
  1. Holiday Celebrate
  2. Christmas In Jamaica
  3. Snowflakes Of Love
  4. Christmas Time Is Here
  5. Santa Please...
  6. Pretty Please (Interlude)
  7. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  8. This Time Next Year
  9. The Christmas Song
  10. Snowflakes Of Love
  11. Christmas In Jamaica
The Heat Album
  1. The Heat
  2. Spanish Guitar
  3. Just Be Man About It
  4. Gimme Some
  5. Fairy Tale
  6. The Art of Love
  7. Speaking In Tongues
  8. Maybe
  9. Never For Just A Ring
Toni Braxton Album
  1. Another Sad Love Song
  2. Breathe Again
  3. Seven Whole Days
  4. Love Affair
  5. Candlelight
  6. Spending My Time With You
  7. Love Shoulda Brought You Home
  8. I Belong to You
  9. How Many Ways
  10. You Mean the World To Me
  11. Best Friend
  12. Breathe Again (Reprise)
  13. Give U My Heart (Mad Ball Mix)
Ultimate Toni Braxton Album
  1. Give You My Heart
  2. Love Shoulda Brought You Home
  3. Another Sad Love Song
  4. Breathe Again
  5. Seven Whole Days
  6. You Mean the World To Me
  7. How Many Ways
  8. Let It Flow
  9. Un-break My Heart
  10. I Love Me Some Him
  11. Just Be Man About It
  12. Hit The Freeway
  13. Whatchu Need
  14. The Little Things
  15. Un-break My Heart
Toni Braxton was born the oldest of five chldren in familly of minister on October 7, 1967 in Severen, Maryland. Because her parents were very religious, Toni grew up singing in the choir at her father's church. She was not allowed to were pants untill high school and forbidden to listen to secular music or watch shows such as Soul Train. Although she was forbidden to listen to secular music. Toni's fondest memories are of "sneaking to watch Soul Train whenever my parents weren't around. " It was these glimpses of secular music that influenced Toni's singing style. It also influenced her skills as a pianist and song writer. Toni graduated from Gien Burnie High School and went on to study teaching at Bowie State University before embarking on her musical career.

Toni made her professional music debut in 1992, on the Boomerang soundtrack. Her comtribution was entitled "Give U My Heart", a duet with producer/recording artiet Babyface. The songs' multi-platinum succes was the start of a chart-topping career. Toni's self-topping debut album has won three Grammi Awards, three American Awards, three American music Awards and two Soul Train Awards. Her debut album "Toni Braxton" also contained two #1 Gold singles,and was platinum 9 times.

At the beginning of 1995 after a hectic schedue of appearances and performances,Toni began work on her sophomotore album.Her best turneted out to be "Secrets", an album that allows the listener the opportunity to witmess Toni in an array of musical moods and settings. Babyface's "There's No Me without You" one of her personal favorites, has a simple, plaintive acoustic feel. "Why should I Care" has an old school '70' s flavor, while R.Kelly's "I Don't Want To" offers a broody lyrical response to Toni's 1994 hit, "Just Another Sad Love Song".

Confirmation that her first album was just the beginning of what promises to be a long-term carrer filled with accomplishment, "Secrets" is a glowing testament to Toni Braxton's status as one of the decade's most vibrant,exciting, soul deep, straight from the heart young artists.

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